The TEKO shirt was born out of love for our planet and all its inhabitants.

The company's birthplace is in Finland, where the air and nature are clean and it is close even in our capital Helsinki. However, the awakening to the fact that this is not the case everywhere has come by traveling the world and seeing this with your own eyes. It has been unbearably sad to see how both humans and animals suffer around the world and the mutedly beautiful nature is destroyed every moment. 

The actions of one person are of great importance, but as I pondered how I could do more, the idea of TEKO shirts arose. In order to secure tolerable living conditions for us and life after us, we must all do ACTS for it. I wanted to create an easy way for you to influence your consumption choices as well as help those who need it.

I thank you with all my heart that you care about our amazing planet and want to protect and help all its inhabitants.


"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are Evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
― Albert Einstein